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How To Use LinkedIN Sales Navigator Effectively

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Have you thought about using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool to grow your network and increase your pipeline? This tool is powerful! LinkedIn Sales Navigator taps into the power of LinkedIn’s 740M+ member network to help you generate more sales leads through modern selling.

Your objective: use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to fill your pipeline with high quality leads. Then use the tool to find lookalikes and connect with them - your pipeline of qualified leads will grow indefinitely with the right messaging and outreach strategy.

Get started by taking these steps:

  1. Sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator - if you sign-up for the monthly plan it costs $79.99 per month. Now you have access to the pot of gold.

  2. To use the tool - go to Sales Navigator on the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn Profile. Click “All Filters” next to the search bar. Start to fill in parameters that you want to pare down on to identify your highest priority leads. You can fill in geography, company, title, years of experience and keywords such as “mergers and acquisitions.” Once you are happy with the parameters, save your search - you will be asked to name it as well so you remember what you’ve selected.

  3. Click on saved searches at the top of the sales navigator tool - from there you can select your saved search and start to sift through the leads from that search. You can invite them to connect with you or message them.

  4. Save the top leads from that search to a new list. Name your list so you can keep a close eye on the leads that are the most valuable to you and create your lookalike list that closely mimics their attributes.

  5. Click view similar on your top leads to find similar leads to connect with - you will find an untapped source of new leads in new areas that you know already share the same attributes and pain points as your current clients; now all you have to do is reach out and make an authentic connection with these folks.

Here is a screenshot of the sales navigator search filters to give you an idea of how you can find and identify your lowest hanging fruit.

Tips on Connecting and Messaging to Build Your Network

1. Research the recipient well to find common ground, such as similar groups, shared connections, or shared alma maters. Sounding inauthentic or too spammy or sales-y is NOT advised. Spend time to create honest, true connections with people who might end up becoming a client or a referral source for the long haul.

2. Use an engaging subject line. Try not to bore people and don't be too pushy. A/B test a few subject lines to see which ones are getting bites.

3. Be as brief as possible. Think about a message that you yourself would enjoy receiving from a person on LinkedIn.

4. Don't be a pest. If a person isn't responding - don't keep reaching out to them. Give it a good break before you try again. The last thing you want to do is to annoy your best prospects.

5. Solve their problems and show how you can help. Talk about their career, their pain points and compliment their achievements. Remember this one thing if nothing else from this article: It's all about them.

6. Invite them to take a next step. It can be something as simple as let's connect, or let's set up a phone call to see how we can partner or refer each other business or feel free to visit my website/portfolio to learn more about how I can assist you.

Make a goal of reaching out to a specified number of people each week. Make it a habit and before you know it - these prospects will be reaching out to you! If you need help with developing a customized LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaign - reach out to Inspire Action Marketing. Serena Sampat, MBA has over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising and would be glad to help you find success using the Sales Navigator tool.

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