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Wix Subscription Price in 2024: Does the Price of a Premium Plan Justify the Cost?

Wix Pricing in 2024: Does the Cost of Premium Subscription Plans Justify the Price?

Here we are, almost halfway through 2024 and these days with AI taking the world by storm, it seems like there is a never ending list of website building platforms to choose from. If you are just venturing into this space, it probably feels completely overwhelming with the never-ending, time-sucking challenge of trying to figure out which platform is the best one for you.

Luckily for us, USA Today recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the top platforms in the industry. Not only did Wix make it onto the list of the best website builders, but it also tops the list of the best e-commerce platforms to choose from at the moment. To learn more about the platforms that they reviewed, you can read the full article from USA Today

Having built more than 50 premium websites on the Wix platform, and as a Legend Wix Partner, I usually recommend that my clients purchase the business plan which costs around $36 per month. Oftentimes, Wix will run a 50% sale on premium plans, and you really cannot beat the price in comparison to what you get. So, what do you get?

Currently, business plans in Wix come with:

  • 10 collaborators

  • 100 GB storage space

  • Standard marketing suite

  • Free domain for a year

  • Standard site analytics

  • Accept payments

  • Standard eCommerce package

This plan is robust, and when they say"standard" don't be fooled by the sounds of it. For example, the standard marketing suite includes: social media marketing, email marketing, email automations, google ads, meta ads, site analytics and more. Take a look at my marketing dashboard, I have the Wix business plan premium subscription for my business.

Wix Standard Marketing Suite | Inspire Action Marketing

If you are not sure which premium subscription plan is right for your business or organization, you can find features of the different Wix plans listed out in more detail.

An additional benefit of choosing Wix is that they are continually investing in technology to improve their offerings. This week, Wix announced the launch of a new AI Portfolio Creator that streamlines the portfolio creation journey, empowering users to effortlessly upload extensive image collections and swiftly organize them with just a few clicks. Also, just today Wix announced the launch of three new AI-powered image enhancement and creation tools to help users create and display high-quality images that improve, customize and personalize visual content to their specific needs.

In conclusion, the price of a Wix Premium plan most certainly outweighs the cost. In 2024, you will want to choose a platform that offers tools to help you grow your online presence; and one that simply and easily integrates AI tools and marketing and eCommerce applications in one, easy-to-use interface. Wix provides all of that and more.

If you are ready to get started on the Wix platform, Inspire Action Marketing is a proud Wix Partner. Reach out to with questions or to get a quote for website design, seo, or marketing expertise.

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